"My goal is to help parents spend as much time with their families as possible!" - Karen Mitchel CEO

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I was really nervous about my first baby

"Discovering my pregnancy was initially overwhelming, but meeting Karen changed everything. Her expertise in birthing classes and ongoing support guided me seamlessly through pregnancy, childbirth, and nurturing my daughter. Karen's invaluable assistance made the journey of birthing successful, and I highly recommend her classes and consultations for unparalleled advice and support in parenting. Karen's guidance helps parents navigate stressful situations, find comfort in parenting, and cherish precious moments with their children before they grow up.-Dany, first time mother"

Private classes and consultations

You have the option to stay in the comfort of your own home and get a private class VIA ZOOM.

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Prenatal Class

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She's like the baby whisperer, I swear!

"I couldn't get my son to latch for breastfeeding and I was getting so frustrated. Within like 10 minutes she got me to calm down and get the stress to go away. She taught me to relax and showed me how to do it properly. She just has this demeanor." - Denise, mother of three

No Time for full day class?

Private Prenatal Class 3 hours length covering labour and comforts, breastfeeding, the early weeks, support


Birth Package

Up to 10 Classes

Private Classes

Recording of Class

Access to "Ask Karen anything" during pregnancy and 1st month


Potential to transform the world

"A healthy baby becomes a healthy human being which has the potential to transform the world. We used to have a village to raise a child and we are missing that in this modern world. It's very important for every mother to gain knowledge and protect her baby" - Jane, mother of one

Birth plus Baby Package

Topics include any topics regarding normal breastfeeding and infant behaviours that covered in other classes plus extra info and tips.

Up to 10 Classes

Private Classes

Recording of Class

You have access to ask Karen anything during pregnancy and 1st year for free


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Make Great Baby Shower Gifts!

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